Just Imagine Having Your

Best Sales Year Ever... 


Most Elite Sales Professional get 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship, Do You?

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Even if you choose not to continue with Paul's coaching, you'll still benefit from a complimentary, tailored report to enhance your sales performance and career progression potential.

Book Your Sales & Career Assessment w/ Paul M. Caffrey Now! (IT'S FREE!)

How would you feel if...

...you exceeded your sales target & got promoted in 2023? How would you feel in 2024, if you didn't?


Its something most people do, but few talk about... 

Want The Sales Preparation Expert Paul M. Caffrey to coach & mentor you 1:1? Are you an ambitious sales professional that wants to significantly increase your earnings and accelerate your career?

Most top performing sales professionals and sales leaders have coaches...although not widely discussed its estimated to exceed 40%+ in top sales organisations. 

Why get coaching & mentorship?

Increased close rates on deals and faster career progression are the two main outcomes that sales professionals are getting. 

Want to increase your earnings?

Want to promote to a better role?

If you answer yes to either of those questions, then 1:1 coaching is for you. 

A Message from Paul M. Caffrey

Firstly, thank you for considering me to coach and mentor you.

I’ve been there…

  • you work really hard...but your prospecting & sales activities don't payoff.
  • You're drowning with all the tasks you need to complete in sales...but get little guidance on how to actually sell.
  • You're hungry, ambitious & ready for more...but having a hard time persuading leadership to promote you.

Most people don’t fully commit to mastering their sales performance or advancing their career…what happens? They earn less &  spend longer in their current positions…DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU.

Book Your Sales & Career Assessment w/ Paul M. Caffrey Now! (IT'S FREE!)

Just Imagine Having Your Best Sales Year Ever...

Imagine generating consistent outbound leads and eradicating prospecting procrastination.
Imagine exceeding your sales target without sacrificing your personal life or working longer hours.
Imaging giving yourself the best chance of getting promoted this year without relying on hope.   

1:1 Coaching based on the principles of

The Work Before the Work

The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition.

Industry Praise for The Work Before the Work

Hanna Larsson, Startup Advisor & Investor

“This is a great book to use as a navigation tool throughout your sales career. It’s a must read!

Alan Stein Jr, Author of Raise Your Game

“A masterful job creating the ultimate blueprint for sales professionals. Its practical and applicable.”

John Barrows, CEO JB Sales

“It provides a solid framework driving results for anyone willing to put in the effort.”

— Meredith Powell, best-selling author of THRIVE

A great read for every level of sales professional guaranteed to deliver a strong ROI.

— Ian Altman, Author of Same Side Selling

Concrete, actionable guidance to get on the same side as your potential clients 

Marcus A.Chan, 6-Figure Sales Academy

“breaks down exactly what it takes to consistently perform at the top 1% level.

Amazon Reviews of The Work Before the Work

“What’s one thing elite sales people & top leaders have in common?

They invest in coaches & mentors”


The Work Before the Work in the Wild

Don't Miss Out on Your Free Personalised Sales & Career Assessment

  • Enjoy a 30-minute personalized 1:1 coaching session with Paul M. Caffrey.
  • Discuss your current prospecting strategies and receive feedback.
  • Analyze your sales performance.
  • Evaluate your career development plan and identify potential growth areas.
  • Explore the benefits of Paul's coaching and mentorship.
  • Receive a detailed, custom report to address areas of improvement.
  • Free Personalised Report: Gain actionable insights to enhance your sales and career progression, even without continuing with coaching & mentorship.
Book Your Sales & Career Assessment w/ Paul M. Caffrey Now! (IT'S FREE!)

Not sure if its for you...

Are you a sales professional (e.g. Account Executive or SDR) at a tech company with a sales quota or meetings target
Are you responsible for generating some or all of your pipeline from outbound prospecting
Are you committed to taking action to improve your sales execution?
Over the next 12-24 months are you planning on getting promoted?


  If you answer YES to ANY of these four questions, then... 

a 1:1 Elite Sales Coaching Call IS FOR YOU.

Book Your Sales & Career Assessment w/ Paul M. Caffrey Now! (IT'S FREE!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Often the same questions pop up before hiring Paul for 1:1 sales coaching, so here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.


If You’ve Reached A Point In Your Sales Career Where You Believe Working With An Experienced Sales Coach Would Help You To Reach Your Goals With Greater Confidence And Less Stress, Then My 1:1 Coaching Is For You.

Book Your Sales & Career Assessment w/ Paul M. Caffrey Now! (IT'S FREE!)