The secret leadership aren't telling you | Ep 030

I'm looking for 5x AEs planning to Exceed Quota & Get Promoted in 2024. If that's you, send me a DM and I'll message you the details. 

Connect with Paul M. Caffrey on LinkedIn & shoot me a DM saying "coaching" & I'll share the details. 


Successful people, including sales leaders, seek coaching and guidance to improve their performance and achieve higher levels of success. Even those who appear to know what they're doing still benefit from coaching to stay accountable and learn new ways of doing things.

CEOs and sales leaders alike receive coaching to enhance their leadership skills and make their organizations more self-sufficient. Investing in oneself through coaching is critical for salespeople to excel.

Coaching can come in the form of one-on-one or group sessions, as well as through books, podcasts, and other resources. It's important to prioritize self-investment and seek coaching to reach one's desired goals.