BOOK LAUNCH SPECIAL! Stop Apologising w/ Tara Rule | Ep 035

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Tara Rule discusses her book 'Stop Apologizing' and the importance of silencing your inner critic, finding confidence, and reframing apologies. She explains that the book was inspired by the prevalence of apologizing in society and the impact it has on individuals' success.

Rule emphasizes the need to address the root causes of apologizing and offers exercises and frameworks to help readers overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. She also provides practical tips for elegant interruption, reframing language, and making decisions. Rule highlights the importance of positive intent, assertive communication, and hope as a strategy for achieving goals.


Silencing your inner critic and reframing apologies can lead to increased confidence and success.
Addressing the root causes of apologizing is essential for personal growth and development.
Practical exercises and frameworks can help individuals overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
Elegant interruption techniques can be used to assertively communicate without apologizing.
Positive intent and hope can serve as strategies for achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.