Boosting Authority and Confidence | Ep 027

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  • Preparation is key in sales, and elite performers focus on improving their preparation to outperform the competition.
  • Understanding the current situation of prospects and addressing their specific needs and problems is crucial for successful sales conversations.
  • Effective communication involves asking thoughtful questions, being curious, and articulating solutions in a concise and compelling manner.
  • Boosting authority can be achieved through preparation, sharing expertise, and adopting an alter ego to enhance confidence.
  • Virtual sales team training and coaching can provide valuable insights and strategies for sales professionals to improve their performance.
  • The book 'The Work Before the Work' offers actionable advice and guidance for sales professionals to excel in their field.


In this episode, Paul Caffrey interviews author Paul Caffrey about his book 'The Work Before the Work: The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition.'

They discuss the importance of preparation, understanding the current situation, effective communication, boosting authority, and articulating solutions. Caffrey emphasizes the need for curiosity, asking thoughtful questions, and addressing the root cause of a problem.

He also highlights the significance of storytelling, practicing like a beginner, and adopting an alter ego to boost confidence. Caffrey offers virtual sales team training and coaching, and his book provides actionable advice for sales professionals.