Should You Become a People Leader? w/ Teddy Peck | Ep 029

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In this conversation, Teddy Peck, a sales leader, shares his journey into sales management and the importance of coaching and training in helping salespeople improve. He emphasizes the need for sales leaders to identify missing skills in their team members and provides insights into how he does this through role play and targeted training.

Teddy also discusses the considerations salespeople should take into account when thinking about moving into leadership roles and the importance of building a personal brand. Lastly, he offers advice on managing bad hires and setting clear expectations for new team members. In this conversation, Teddy Peck and Paul M. Caffrey discuss various aspects of sales and leadership.

They cover topics such as taking ownership in a new role, transitioning into a leadership role, preparing for a leadership role, the realities of management, prospecting tips, sales tips, tips for getting promoted, the importance of preparation, and how to connect with Teddy Peck.


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